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Community Engagement

Reconnecting Pittsburgh urban communities is at the heart of our initiative. We've strategically partnered with other community organizations spanning across all corners of the city.



The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum is an important community asset and has showcased the neighborhood's history for years. The Coliseum was built as part of a series of carbarns that supported the Homewood streetcar system which housed over 100 cars and covered four blocks along Frankstown Avenue. The streetcars drew a flourishing middle class and by the 1950s, Homewood rose to become one of Pittsburgh’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Since the carbarns closed in the 1960s, the Coliseum has served as an Oral History and Event center, curated by long-term stewards of the building and its history. The URA acquired the building in 2018.

Parallel Lines


Our first BBTB Movement is to purchase and restore the historic Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum located in Homewood, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh first and only minority owned skating rink and event center

Youth Education

We are positioning ourselves to provide consistent and safe youth programming that focuses on community etiquette and healthy living. The future of black cultural heritage is our primary concern.

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Sponsor a Child to Skate
How Many Children?

Gun Violence Prevention

Its hard to ignore the effects of gun violence on our inner city communities. Through intentional engagement, youth education, and programs to strengthen our moral compass and community ties. Our belief is that we can begin to minimize the devastating effects of gun violence.

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